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Dr. Matt French

Dr. Matt French

My Thoughts About The Coronavirus

No one likes getting sick and as a result we all share this fear (for some a true phobia) of those microscopic creatures which can cause infections. Media ratings are driven by emotion, especially fear and anger, so why not capitalize on such a ubiquitous anxiety? So, I hope we can pause for a moment from drinking from the firehose of fear and look at some common sense pertaining to respiratory viruses.

CORONAVIRUS IS NOT A NEW MUTANT SUPER VIRUS. It is actually particular strain of a family of viruses. Many of us have had other strain(s) of coronavirus in the past. The current strain is named COVID-19, and the majority of confirmed cases have experienced mild to moderate symptoms. This means there is likely a very large number of people who have had little to no symptoms and were thus not diagnosed. The media will certainly highlight the rare severe cases and keep the “death toll” tally running.

THE HEALTH OF THE HOST IS PARAMOUNT. Everyone reading this has been exposed to a very similar virus in their life (influenza), and you are still alive! Most of our immune systems are quite well equipped to handle these things. For those who are elderly, have poor immune systems or on immune-suppressing drugs (such as prednisone), make sure you read the rest of what I write.
Improving One’s Defense.

GET 7-8 HOURS OF SLEEP FOR ADULTS, 9-10 FOR TEENS, AND 10+ FOR KIDS. Your immune system relies on protein mediators called cytokines, and less sleep has proven to reduce cytokines.

EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! We should be raiding the produce aisles rather than toilet paper! Focus on cruciferous which are – arugula, beet greens, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, mustard greens, radishes, red cabbage, turnip greens, or watercress.

VITAMIN D. Get direct sunlight without burning. Get your blood levels tested if you have not to make sure you have adequate amounts and supplement if needed. Numerous studies show a reduced risk (50%) of respiratory viral infections in those with adequate levels (as measured by blood test).

EAT EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL. A metabolite of coconut oil, monolaurin, has antiviral effects. There is a proposed clinical trial using coconut oil in patients with coronavirus here.

EAT GARLIC. Though there is no direct evidence pertaining to garlic affecting coronavirus (I doubt this has yet been explored), there is evidence pertaining to garlic inhibiting other respiratory viruses (flu and cold).

MANAGE BLOOD SUGAR. Elevated blood sugar suppresses the immune response. So, eat fewer simple carbs, exercise, and if you are diabetic keep the glucose managed to the best of your ability.

In March of 2014, I was side swiped by a semi while on my bicycle and suffered 14 broken bones along with a collapsed, punctured lung which was penetrated by the sharp edges of ribs fractures. I was recovering very rapidly but contracted the influenza virus 6 weeks later. I had the typical bronchitis symptoms which proceeded to worsen over 8 days. Once my fever went above 105, I went back to hospital where I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. My weakened lung suffered a secondary infection following the battle with the flu virus. This is the type of case when respiratory viruses such as coronavirus or influenza turn deadly. The government has allotted $8.3 billion to combat coronavirus. If any treatment emerges it will have to be something new and thus patentable meaning we will never see “evidence” for anything naturally occurring. So, for those looking for some additional defense with evidence against other respiratory viruses beyond hype I suggest:

ELDERBERRY EXTRACT- Has been shown to inhibit Influenzas A and B, and H1N1, and shorten duration of the flu in those infected. Just beware of quality. I have an independent lab analysis showing a 2000% difference in potency among 10 different brands that were tested. If capsules are preferred I recommend this.
If liquid is preferred then be sure to look at this.

LACTOBACILLUS PLANTARUM HEAL 9 (DSM 15312) and LACTOBACILLUS PARACASEI 8700:2 (DSM 13434)– These specific probiotics have been shown to offer protection against respiratory viral infection. Click here.

GLUTATHIONE- This is thought to be the body’s most potent antioxidant and is shown to inhibit viral replication including influenza. Most supplement forms available do very little to raise blood levels, but some precursors and liposomal forms show promise. We have a limited supply on a premium unique formulation of this in our office, call for details- 602-866-8300 For the next best option click here.


I found this study researching coronavirus out of China from 2018. They found glutathione-capped silver particles inhibited coronavirus proliferation. To view the study click here.

Silver does have antimicrobial (including antiviral) properties, but don’t go chugging glasses of colloidal silver until your skin turns blue (and it will). Silver is a heavy metal ion that does not really belong in the human body and will accumulate to unhealthy levels in tissues such as brain and kidney. However, during active infections and topically on wounds, I personally do use small amounts from a quality supplier. A quality form can be found here.


DISCLAIMER: None of the above mentioned has been proven to prevent or treat coronavirus whether it be hand washing or supplements. I have done my best to compile the best evidence we have for things that either reduce risk, ensure a healthy immune system, and potentially reduce symptoms of similar viruses such as cold or flu.

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